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Infinite Fit Straight Denim

Infinite Fit Straight Denim

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You Never seen jeans like these.  Infinite Fit Seriously the best denim ever if you fluctuate in sizes.   These will feel like they are made just for your body.  If you can't find the perfect fit you just did.  To tight in the waist if they fit the legs or vise versa, these will fit everywhere perfect. 

These stretch up to four waist sizes.  These stretchy denim jeans feature 90% elasticity and supple feel that moves with you.  Infinite fit will adapt to your body changes to fit 24/7, 365 days a year, making your perfect fit last forever.  This is sizing made simple.  These come in four sizes. S, M, L and xl for a fit that holds its shape and flatters yours.  To find your perfect pair, Start with your denim waist size.  If you typically wear size 24-27 select a a size Small.  Size 28-31, Size M will be your best fit.  If you typically wear size 32-35 choose size L.  If you typically wear a waist size 36-39 or dress size 16-18 choose xl.


Super power stretch denim with 90% elasticity that expands and contracts across a four size range.  

These come in inseams also 29 or 31

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